Our goal at Three Elements Timberworks is to provide our customers with as many solutions as possible. Here is the caveat. It has to be within our “wheelhouse”. So when Humboldt Redwood approached us about building outdoor structures using their redwood timbers we jumped at the chance. After speaking with Jim Lacefield at their office, whom I have known since 2004, I got a tour of their facility.


Here are some photos of my tour back in August of 2017:

After talking it over with the people at Humboldt we decided that one thing that isn’t in Three Elements Timberworks wheelhouse is competing with the “big box” stores trying to sell low end mass produced redwood pergolas. We are just not good at low quality, high volume production.

We are good at custom work. We did a custom outdoor kitchen back in 2014. We did not use redwood. One of the reasons being, we didn’t have a supplier of redwood timbers at the time. Now all that has changed. The architect on this project was Vertical Arts.

On February 16, 2017 we teamed up with Humboldt Redwood for the display at the MSLMBDA show in Denver. We cut a redwood pergola for the booth and set it up the day before.  Here are some photos of the raising.

Custom pergolas won’t be the only thing we are offering. We will be coming out soon with a catalog of higher end pre-designed timber pergolas . Keep an eye out for that.