Back in March I called Mark Spargo of Snavely Forest Products Inc. asking if they could help us by providing 2×6 tongue and groove decking for the roof of the CTRC project. If you don’t know about our CTRC project click here.  We have never done any business with Snavely. (Not for any reason other than the fact that they don’t sell the materials we use on our projects). As many of the people in our industry, things have been really slow for them. I told him not to make a decision right away. I said think it over and get back to me. When he called me back he said that he looked in his yard and couldn’t find any decking that they could donate. I could tell by his tone that he was disappointed but I understood the circumstances. Times were really tight. The following week I was at the MSLMBDA show in Denver and I noticed Snavely had a booth. I asked if Mark was there ( I had only spoken with him on the phone so I had no idea what he looked like.) and someone pointed him out to me. I introduced myself and told him I fully understood his situation not being able to donate to our project at this time. Especially since I wasn’t even a customer. He was gracious and said thanks for understanding. That was on a Friday. The next Monday Mark called me and said I could pick up the decking next week. I had never purchased anything from Mark, but that didn’t matter. Times are really tough right now for everyone in construction, but that didn’t matter. He would probably not get any business from us (again, only because they don’t supply the type of materials we typically use), but that didn’t matter. It is easy to do the right thing when things are going well. When things are tight and you are struggling and you still help others, people you don’t even know. That says volumes about your character. I don’t know Mark from Adam, but from this one experience I hold him in high regard and would encourage people to do business with him. These are the types of people that make the world, even just a little piece in their corner, a better place.

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