Years ago we built the timbers for a house in the Colorado mountains. It was for a charming couple that I grew very fond of. The wife asked me to build some furniture for them. I told her that I don’t build furniture I am a timber framer. She insisted. I did build her a small bench for her mud room and we used the same timbers that we used in the rest of her house.

As anyone in this business knows you have busy times and you have slow times. During some of the slow times we built some other furniture with similar details and materials. We had a lot of comments on it and our original home owner thought it would be a good idea to have the pieces professionally photographed. She recommended Brian Mark Photography . I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of Brian taking pictures.

It took a long half day to shoot and I was really impressed with Brian’s attention to detail. It took him several hours just to get the lighting the way he wanted it for the first piece. He explained to me that he used a mix of old and new technolgy. The camera itself was the same type you would see in the old time movies where the photographer would cover his head with a blanket and take the image. Mounted on the back of this classic camera is a high tech contraption that converts the image to digital format. It seemed to me that he did all of his lighting manually. I didn’t see him alter the image digitally at all except to remove some scratches that the family pets had put on it over the years.  I think the photos came out great, and if you ever need a product professionally shot in a studio I highly recommend Brian.

Here are his final products: