We are working on a new project with Rudd Construction. It is a large heavy timber storage / barn structure. What makes this interesting is we have a clear span of 50′ with some shed dormers on top. This creates a fairly large tension load on the bottom chord among other  things. We have a connection that we can use to resolve this. In fact I have blogged about before. Click here to see the article. The connection itself looks like this:

Three Elements Timberworks

We are working with an engineer that we have never worked with before. His name is Dodson Harper and he is with Resource Engineering Group out of Crested Butte CO. After speaking with Dodson about the 43 kip tension load he recommended a stave bolt connection. It is something I had seen and heard about but had never used.  We did have to change the location of the bottom chord but this is a great way to resolve these loads in a very efficient way.  We have spec’d out this connection with Dodson’s help and I am excited to use it in this project.

Let me know if you have seen or used any interesting connections using any type of material.  It would be great to hear about them.