What, you can build a timber frame with posts and beams made from bamboo?

Several years ago I started to notice that every once in a while I would walk into an architect’s office and tell them I was a timber framer and they would tell me that they only build “modern” homes. They were always courteous but not interested. We had done some modern styles in the past. Mostly with glu-lam and steel.


For some reason many architects seem to shy away from glu-lam. They don’t like the look of it. Our goal as a company is to provide as many solutions as we can using tools that we are proficient with. So we started a search for materials that could be used in a more contemporary design. About 2 years ago we discovered Lamboo Technologies. They make laminated veneer bamboo beams. They are structural and may be used as a substitute for timbers or glu-lams. They are a great product for integrating the warmth of an organic material into a contemporary style home.

Bamboo timbers, Bamboo beams, Lamboo

After talking to Lamboo Technologies we realized that they had several products that could be a big help to our customers. To include rainscreen, panels for interior finishes, handrails, the list goes on and is limited only by the designer’s imagination. This led me (Eric Seelig) to become the Colorado regional representative for Lamboo. You can see some links on our “Lamboo” page.
Here is a Lamboo rainscreen project on the western slope of Colorado.

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If you are in Colorado and are interested in learning more about Lamboo feel free to contact me or download the inquiry form by clicking here. I would be glad to tell you more. By the way, even if you are not in Colorado you can contact me and I will get you in touch with your local representative.